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hey guys as you can see am gonna put an english song of love song with filipinos sing soo just check a subcribe from the soo here
1st this is filipino's VeVO song hope you like it…
2nd this is david dimuzio the english song of anything hope you understand this song from as filipino…
dont worry there are more people need song for love and friendship hope you like it
james; hello am james as you can see you can tell what am look like soo am not showing you guys who am i dont like people saying to get screaming at me cause am p-
james;... eham....girls
lj, jean, mija, lara; oops sorry james
james; sight anyway it was nice to meet you guys anyway
lj; we where soo happy now that james is now home again
jean; totally wanted me some practice some to defend myself and being a cool woman and sexy girl in the hole world
mija; my my i need some testing from his dress again hehehe at least his home again now time to make dresses again ^-^
lara; i''ll tell everyone that his pretty handsome guy in the hole world
james; eham girls got tell you something more weird things
lj, jean, mija ,lara; what is it james
james; i got a family in paris wife and kids
me and mija going to the market but then wen i soo the bully girl's the fabulous bully girl's they called them self and there are 5 of them well they soo me and they still remember me wen me at college and they talk to me they started to say hi to me and to mija too they told me about the party that am in invite soo i told them ''no am not gonna come with you and your bully party you pussy girl's'' lenny jennilop the boss bully girl they called her the fabgirl well she told ''what did you say no? hah cause your shy and foolish nerd girl all the time'' and i started to get angry by her by calling me a foolish nerd girl soo i punch her in the face really really really hard punch and she fell down then i told her ''DON'T YOU EVEN DARE CALL ME A FOOLISH NERD GIRL EVER GOT IT YOU BITCH AND ANYONE DON'T CALL ME A FOOLISH NERD GIRL ALSO ALL OF YOU THE FABULOUS BULLY GIRL'S DON'T YOU DARE CALL ME AGAIN EVER AND EVER AND ALSO 4 OF YOU GIRL'S IF I HEAR ONE MORE TIME I''LL GIVE YOU GIRL'S A EVERY HARD KICK AND PUNCHES GOT THAT BULLY FOOLISH GIRL'S'' they nobbed and they take there bossing girl fell down in the ground and run away then i told them ''YEAH THAT RIGHT YOU LITTLE PUSSY BITCHES RUN AWAY LIKE A BABY'' ''you know louise you shouldn't have done that'' ''WHY WHAT'S WRONG WITH THAT'' ''oh nothing is a bad idea to fight them you know'' ''what ever mija they called me a foolish nerd girl that's why''
if anyone called me a [foolish nerd girl] your dead everybody your pretty looking dead from me
and if any one don't understand what i just say just never mind
here me everybody this is jean my sister is taking a rest for a while and she always telling me not to toucher own stuff cause she never like that touching her stuff wen she was a little girl at school her stuff was been tooken by the bully girl's she always tell to teacher every time and got bully alot soo please DONT EVEN HURT HER SOO MUCH I CAN GIVE YOU GUYS A FUCKING PUNCHER  SOO HARD
last night 200 score
last thing 1000 score
last morning 1902 score
now is over 3923 score
 fucking awesome game as fastes game play
am sick cant get up in my bed i told jean to call mother mother told to stay in my bed sorry people but i still keep going to make something
let me sleep for a while now ok guys